Will to Power


Would you, Could you?

What it life, I mean the essence of life itself was a monster, a dragon a minatour.
The pleasure, light and life and god being the gleam of light shinning from its eyes.

Would you, could you, behold it?

What if we are so blinded by this light that we are unable to see the teeth, the nails and claws of the world; of Ghandi, the Pope the Dali Lama, Jesus, and the Buddha?

What if we are so blinded by this light that when our illusions are shattered we become bitter old cynics, only able to see the teeth and the dark?

Would you, could you, over come this?

What if we accepted that we are all killers, liars, theives, as well as boyscouts and saviors and that his is good because this is what is. 

Would you, Could you?

What if we cared for the ones we loved, made music, made peace, and destroyed our enemies in war.

Would you, could you?

What if this essence of life is Will itself and its power is so strong that to weild it is  like grabbing onto a peice of barbed wire or an electric fence. 

Would you?

What if you were to kill yourself and thus kill the dragon... realizing that your life is eternal, and your will omni-potent. 

Could you?

What if you took the blood of this dragon, containing all fear, all death, all joy, all pain, all wisdom, all ignorance and all life.

Would you, could you, do your will?

What if you gathered this blood into a sacred chalice and drank from it. 

Would you, Could you, become your greatest fear?