Holy Withdrawl

Turn in compress, bow, oh, my love
Follow the way to the lady of Night
Become enveloped from space, move further still
Deep, Deep, Deeper, penetrate the veil.

Enveloped with the love of Nuit!
Deep beyond the recess of the Abyss
Veil after Veil after Veil, Peel after Peel
Bite through the forbidden fruit Oh forgotten lord.

Through the roarig abyss, be struck dead by lightning
The blazing shroud of eternal mystery
Behold the god Chaos flaming, exploding images
Flying forth like the smash of a thousand mirrors.

Erase the boundaries, extend further
Taste the wrath of the forbidden god
You have past the great whore ad seen the beast
Thy head is removed and eaten by wolves.

Now further still enveloped in the infinite body
The great lustrus Queen and behold the secret centre
Like a thousand suns in one tiny Rose blinded forever
The bursting of light, the pandemonium beauty.

Bellowing forth thy invisible phallus.
Here is all color, all love all madness, and all death
Only the king wil enjoy the utterings of the madman
The invisible poet, the secret schizophrenic god.

Lost in elusive under love and will
Violent flame, tender passion, beautiful nightmares
and horrid pleasantries, created unknown.

Manifested by the No-thingness in Bliss.
Annihilated yet self sustaining, peaceful, yet explosive
Forever issuing forth the phenomenal world through self with-drawl.