Liber Sensorium

By Frater Abraxas


Being instructions of the Neophyte for the expansion of consciousness within the sphere of the elements and the training of the Nephesch. 


As above so below.  The astral senses are only as good as the physical senses, and the physical senses are as good as the astral senses.  A man blinded from birth will never dream of an image of a red car such as experienced by a person with sight.  Many men without imagination are un-able to see solutions to their problems which are under their very noses.  The Neophyte has entered into the lower astral of Malkuth and seeks to work his way into the full astral awareness of Yesod.  The neophyte must be working on solid ground; this is the meaning of the four square altar, and a good training and expansion of the animal senses of the Nephesch is the starting point of this work.  


Section A: Vision

  1. Let the Neophyte take a casual walk, setting his gaze upon an imaginary point on the ground approximately ten feet ahead, all the while making sure to choose a distance which facilitates his or her ability to maintain sufficient perception of one’s surroundings. 
  1. Let the Neophyte’s gaze be steady, yet without holding onto a specific point of reference.  The gaze should be slightly unfocused and the peripheral vision should be engaged. 
  1. As the Neophyte continues walking, his or her attention should be fixated on his or her entire field of vision without focusing on any particular object. This should be treated as a practice of dharana.
  1. Now let the Neophyte expand his visual awareness to its uttermost reach that his or her peripheral vision allows.  Once this is done the Neophyte should then imagine his field of vision to be a complete 360 degree sphere surrounding the body extending into infinity, making sure to due this with full concentration.


Section B: Hearing

  1. After enjoying the practice and experiences of the exercises of section (A), let the Neophyte continue walking and maintaining the unfocused gaze on the ground ahead, except this time he will begin making dharana on his sense of hearing.
  1. Let the Neophyte first concentrate on specific sounds as they present them selves to consciousness, i.e. ‘I hear a truck door closing, stepping sounds behind me.’ Etc.
  1. Then shut off the internal dialogue and concentrate on the awareness of hearing in general making sure not to focus on any one particular sound; rather to focus on all sound.
  1. Next let the Neophyte imagine his hearing constituting a 360 sphere of awareness surrounding his body and extending into infinity, making sure to do this with full concentration.


Section C: Feeling

  1. Let the Neophyte continue his or her walk, letting go of the previous state of awareness and shifting to an awareness of the body making oneself aware of one’s natural breathing rate, pulse etc.
  1. Let the Neophyte begin to cultivate an awareness of feeling in the body.  Begin to feel the heart beat, the pulse, the feet on the ground, and any external contacts such as the wind etc.  Make dharana on these sensations. 
  1. Now let the Neophyte feel every cell in his body making dharana on this and even feel the connection with the body of light.
  1. Then let the Neophyte surround oneself with a 360 degree sphere of feeling extending into infinity, making sure to do this with full concentration. 


Section D: Taste and Smell

  1. Let the Neophyte repeat these same general steps with the senses of taste and smell. 


Section E: Pure Awareness and the Adoration of Nuit

  1. Let the Neophyte continue his or her walk, and after mastering the previous exercises, let him or her perform each in succession, yet this time maintaining the extended awareness of each sense and adding the next sense to the one prior.  For instance, after extending my vision into a 360 sphere of infinity, I maintain that awareness and then add my awareness of hearing, followed by that of feeling, and then the other senses. 


  1. Let the Neophyte, bring all of these senses together making a firm dharana on all of them until he loses the awareness of having any separate senses at all.  Let him push this concentration even unto dhyana.
  1. Let the Neophyte realize that there are no real senses as such; rather there is just awareness which is then divided by the mind into categories called sense perception. 


  1. Let him or her continue dharana/dhyana on this state of undifferentiated awareness extending from one’s center outward into a 360 degree sphere or field toward infinity. 
  1. Let the Neophyte realize that he or she is perceiving infinity and that one’s center of awareness is Hadit, and one’s outer limit of awareness Nuit. 


  1. Let the Neophyte continue in this meditation, to the point of experiencing love and eternity as this field of pure awareness is extended.  Let this practice continue until the adoration of Nuit is perfected, yeah until the adoration of Nuit is perfected. 

Liber Al ch 1 line 14:

Above, the gemmed azure is
    The naked splendour of Nuit;
She bends in ecstasy to kiss
    The secret ardours of Hadit.
The winged globe, the starry blue,
Are mine, O Ankh-af-na-khonsu!




It is possible for this practice to be used by the Magister Templi if it is mastered and brought to Samadhi, however the initial goal of this exercise is to aid the Neophyte in developing the body of light.  The second goal is to aid the Neophyte in mastering his or her senses so that the body of light may aid his or her sensual acuity, and one’s refined senses can aid one’s astral acuity.  The other value of this practice is it trains the Nephesch and gets it fully involved in the aspiration toward the great work, which in another sense involves the transformation of the daughter unto the queen, yeah the daughter into the queen.