Seal of the A.·.A.·.


Sol in 7 degrees Libra                                                               September 30, 2006 e.v.
                                                                                                An CII Saturn 1600hrs.

Care Frater 493,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I have been studying Crowley’s book of Thoth, also the Golden Dawn’s ‘Tree of Life [and tarot] Projected on a Sphere.’  In addition to this I have been studying Astrology.  I feel that astrology and Tarot are really part of one larger divination system.  You cannot go deep into one without having a deeper understanding of the other.  When reading planetary rulers for instance, I find the small card ruled by the decan in question to be of immense divinatory value.  My sun sign for instance is in the 3rd decan of Gemini, the 10 of swords, ruin.  I have been aware of my minds own tendency to overanalyze and to get lost in mental constructs.  Also this is the card of the philosopher and potential madman.  I have always enjoyed philosophy, though not necessarily traditional, or western  philosophy, but general reflections on nature, self, being, the universe et al.

After these current studies, particularly the ‘tree of life on the sphere’ I was contemplating Liber H.  I agree with Duquete that the magician is being turned ‘upside down’.  But I think this only occurs in part of the ritual.  Also Liber xxv and v are really one ritual, in my opinion.  I will also add that the revolution of the elementary aces over the thrones and zodiac on the sphere correspond with interactions of the magician performing the centripetal spiral dance.  This is portrayed by the constellation Draco, representing the serpent of wisdom, spirit and Nuith, as Hadith descending as the creative intelligence into matter; the formulation and realization of the word so to speak.  This occurs at the pole star, where the malkuth of yetzirah meets our keter of assiah.  In reguli the magician is imitating this creative process of being a god who projects his own creative illusion, which becomes his perception of the universe.  Of course the universe is populated by ‘gods’ each projecting their own idea of the universe.  After this opposition some illusions cancel out and some are affirmed and we get the ‘material objective world’, which is really a temporary consensus which is internalized by the unconscious personalities and then re-projected.  This is the nature of the status quo, and its reality is enforced by both conscious and unconscious uses of mutual classical conditioning.  Socially this is typically enforced by the use of ideological and physical forms of terrorism.  Thus, the demiurge, the collective thought-form of ‘how things are’ and the ‘way things should be’; in essence: Bullshit.

Back to Reguli.  First the magician elevates his consciousness to the divine, he aspires, like the blue ascending triangle.  This begins in xxv, first the egregore is banished, then as a counter clockwise spiral he ascends toward his true unconditioned self projecting those elemental aspects in a balanced form.  [the pentagrams]  He reaches the peak when he identifies with Pan: Nuit as the Not in all.  After fortifying his protective pentagrams with the four guardians, he closes, by re-affirming his connection with the generative LVX, and then re-affirming his triumph over the demiurge [The Banishing: Apos Pantos…].  Now in V, he intensifies and further develops his ascending aspiration.  [again the blue triangle which is really an ascending pyramid] He fortifies his body of light opening it to the higher frequencies (first enchantment) He then completes his union with his starry nature by actually identifying with Sol.  He completes the ascending pyramid by his invocation of the averse pentagrams and ends with his invocation of Aiwass and Uttering THELEMA.  By this point the magician has circumambulated widdershins three times, making an ascending pyramid of spiral force.  His identification with  Sol is achieved by rooting his being in the sun.  He is doing the ritual from the sun’s perspective, hence the reversed zodiac figures and the averse pentagrams which are really upright from his solar perspective.  Having fully identified with his starry ‘god self’, (that is uniting the one with the many), he descends back into ‘matter’ as a descending pyramid of spiral  spiritualized energy, penetrating the earth as a descending tongue of grace; in essence: he becomes one with the many.  This imitates the revolution of the Aces through the thrones and signs of the Zodiac, as the magician spirals around the circle imitating the spiral caduceus of the Fool Atu.  The magician is the Son who marries the bride malka as the earth, in their union they become the father Yod, that most holy seed and she becomes the Queen.  This is the nature of love which is the mystery of transcendence and immanence.  The magician is in effect waking up to his transcendent and immanent divine consciousness and opening up unlimited potentials of creative power.  Free from the terrorist dictates of the demiurge, he is free to create the universe as he sees fit.  This ritual is a weapon of un-fathomable power; in this sense, it is the microcosm of the whole process of the A.’. A.’. system allowing ‘normal’ mortal human beings to become all powerful gods in their own right.

Here is a diary entry from a vision lasting about 3 hours today.  I believe it was partly stimulated from my studies of astrology, tarot, and Liber H in the past days, and the cumulative effect of the work:

Saturn 30/09/06 e.v.

I am strongly aware right now that I am a god, both nothing and everything wearing this personality and body, as well as my perceptions, being the universe as a garment. 

This experience resulted from studying Liber H.  There is a sense of infinite power.  There has never been death, only endless creation, endless joy, curiosity, imagination, and wonder.  Even suffering and sorrow are but the experiences of joyful experiments. 
The universe, is my perception, my perception is my body, my body is my creative veil, my cloak, my puddy, my clay of revolving changing appearance, answering to my unceasing creative inspiration. 

Other gods interact with me, wearing garments.  We mutually shape our garments through our interactions in infinite space.  We are the eyes and ears of space, the consciousness of space, appearing as constantly changing beings, which are our masks of delight. 

We mutually create our experiences, projecting and receiving, in a war, a game of language, art, and fantasy where, agreed images, devour, and cancel out the strength of minority images, where we use rhetoric to trick other gods into supporting our desired creative projections, while excluding others. 

There are dark gods who band together, and using rhetoric, enchant the others into a trance, convincing them of their inferiority.  They build an illusory ‘god’ out of their maya.  An egregore of their own desire and convince some gods that ‘it’ is the only ‘God’, that ‘it’ ‘created’ ‘them’ and ‘they’ should worship ‘it’. 

But ‘it’ is just a language game, an egregore meant to steal their power, and give the creation of these grouped black gods monopoly over what can be created. [all others] 

The deceived gods go into trance, their power is used by the dark gods to monopolize ‘reality’. 

The deceived gods forget their divinity and identify with the body, personality; their divine clothing, that the dark gods have now programmed them to make. 

This is the work of the black lodge, the true black brothers seeking to pirate creative illusion out of fear of the great unknown, the source of all change and all life. 

These create the world of ‘be with us’, the ‘little people of the old grey land.’ The wholesome village, the norms and the ways; the morals and so called ‘gods’, all products of the collective egregore in the dream world that was manufactured by fear. 

This is the nature of the Gnostic demiurge, being the vampire of death, the herald of all delusion. 

But we and I must have helped create the egregore at one point, since we all have experienced fear of the unknown.

Illusion is not our enemy, it is our life.

But the delusion of our finitude is, and it’s word is fear.        

Love is the law, love under will.

P.s.  I have worked the Hermit and Lust Atu of the Carcer of the Qliphoth.  I still have to catch up on my commentary and analysis of my current experiments.  But I found it interesting that shortly after that I discovered Satan as a definite part of my ‘true self’ Also I identified Lucifer as that rebellious part of myself that is necessary for new and creative insights.  This realization opened up a creative block that I had been suffering from for quite some time now.  It seems that being an ideal social being, means to give up creativity to a certain extent. 


Frater 2100!